Live & Online Auctions

Franklin County Estate & Auction Service  offers Online Auctions for those who may wish to liquidate their home or estate without having a live on location auction. While we are happy to conduct a live auction for you, some of our clients have opted for the online auction due to reasons such as limited parking or other restriction at seller's home. Also, during this time we have some clients who do not wish to have large gatherings due to pandemic concerns.

If you feel that you may not wish to have a live auction on your property, Franklin County Estate & Auction offers you these alternatives:

1-Online Auctions. Growing in popularity, the online auction option offers you a solution for liquidating the contents of your home or estate without the need for a live on site auction.  Online auctions are also a great way to sell real estate!

2-You may elect to consign your merchandise for us to auction at another location. We come and pick up your household and add it to other auctions and send you a check after it sells.

3-We offer outright cash buyout of your household or estate. We come and make an evaluation, then offer you a flat cash sum for all of it. If you agree, we can usually move everything within 10 days. All you have to do is take the cash and walk away!

No matter what you chose, Franklin County Estate & Auction Service has you covered! Live Auctions and Online Auctions are both great ways to liquidate your personal property or real estate.  We are happy to meet with you to give you a free consultation where we can give you the benefits of either auction method!



When a loved one passes, it is a difficult time.  Often family members are faced with the reality of having to dispose of one or more generations worth of personal possessions.  Garage sales can be difficult due to having to take the time to organize and price everything.  Franklin County Estate & Auction Service personnel take many of these headaches away by organizing all items in a manner which will ensure sale for the highest price. We encourage those who have been charged with liquidating an estate to contact us for a Free consultation to determine if your estate should be auctioned.



Farms and machinery sales are right up our alley.  Auctions are by far the best means of liquidating the contents of a farm. There is often so many items, that there are few other ways to effectively sell it all.  We advertise in the places that buyers for farm implements and machinery look.  Farm auctions have always had a huge following here in Missouri.  People attend them for a variety of reasons. Machinery, guns, antiques, tools, etc.  One thing is certain. Most everyone who bothers to go to a farm auction buys something. The more buyers, the more competition to bid. Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning your farm auction needs.



Here in Missouri, most farms, estates or household sales have some kind of antiques.  There are many antique collectors in Missouri. There are many people who love to decorate their homes with antiques. We are trained to recognize and appraise antiques within estates and farms and advertise those which have a broad appeal to collectors so they bring the highest potential price at auction.


Auctions are effective ways to sell homes, property and business!

If you have a home or business to sell, either with or without the contents, we can help!  If you do not already have a price in mind, we will give an honest assessment of value and help you reach a price that you would sell your home for.  When auctioning a home or property you set the minimum price that the property must bring in order to sell.  Our commissions are lower than real estate agents which puts more money in your pocket!  Contact us if you are considering selling your home, farm or acreage. We also conduct real estate appraisals for those needing this service. Franklin County Estate & Auction can also conduct your business liquidation sale or auction!


Buyout Option

Need Cash Now??  While in most circumstances, a traditional on site auction will yield you the highest return, there are times when it may not suit you. 

Do any of these situations apply to you:

- I need money Now!

- I do not have a good location to have an auction.

- I do not have enough to warrant an on site auction. 

- I don't want to deal with it and just want it gone!

- The idea of an auction is overwhelming and having a tag sale will still leave me with a ton of leftover stuff.

We can offer you a solution! If you just want to be done with it, we can come out and give you a bid on what we would pay for the entire contents of your estate, business, farm, household or real estate! If you accept it, all you will have to do is take the money and you're done! We will remove all the contents in a timely manner and at no expense to you. If you feel you might want to explore this option, please ask about a free review and offer.