First, a Word about Estates........

When a family member passes, it can be a very trying and emotionally draining time.  The many things that a family must contend with during this time can be quite overwhelming. The last thing many want to contend with is dealing with an entire household or farm and all of the personal property a loved one leaves behind.  You are faced with questions like What is valuable? What is an antique? Is this junk?  It would be so easy to just fill up garbage bags and be 'done with it!' and not have to face dealing with all of the things left behind.


Wait!... Don't Throw that away!!!

  First of all, our best advice to you is Don't Throw Anything away!  As the saying goes, one person's junk is another person's treasure!  Just remember, that no matter how innocuous or insignificant an item seems to you, it may have great potential to someone else! Believe it or not, there are items which may seem like complete garbage that others would want to buy. So before you load up the garbage cans or dumpster, give us a call first!

As it may well be very hard to root and filter through an estate for some, Franklin County Estate & Auction personnel are used to going into Estates, Farms and Homes and sorting it all out! Our complete auction service starts with going into the home and assessing what is there. Then giving you a rundown of what to expect. For those who have signed on for us to do their auction, if you desire, we offer a complete service of going in and making sense of it all.  For clients who do not opt to do it themselves, We will separate and organize everything and make it ready to go for auction day. We find that this option cuts down on the stress of the family members left to deal with an estate and also keeps them from sometimes making the mistake of throwing away valuables that can be turned into cash.  If you prefer to do the main setup yourself to save on setup cost, we can guide you how to separate and organize things so they will be ready to go on auction day. We will supply tables and display cases.  We can advise what items are safe for throw away or donation. So often families end up throwing away or donating valuables. We do our best to ensure this will not happen to you and that you have as stress free of an auction experience as possible.  So before you think you may have nothing of value or just want to donate and throw away items, contact us.  Our consultation and evaluation is free of charge!


Why Sell Real Estate and Personal Property using the Auction Method?

When it comes to Real Estate we offer rates Lower than any realtor and our competition! This adds up to more money for you! We can assist in helping you establish the value of your real estate. But no matter what, your real estate will sell at a minimum value which you ultimately set and are comfortable with!  Auctions are a great way to get More for your house, farm or property.  Real Estate companies set a price and perspective buyers negotiate the price Down! When you auction real estate, we start at the set price and the perspective buyers make the price go Up!

When you auction real estate you can rest assured that the sale will protect you, the seller. Real Estate is auctioned "As-Is" and without buyer contingencies. What does that mean?  It means the buyer buys the property in the current state that it is in. The seller is not obligated to make improvements (unless they so choose) in order to sell the home. You can sell it in the current condition. Also, buyers at real estate auctions are required to put a non refundable deposit down the day of auction. They must complete the transaction or will lose their deposit. This means they will have their financing already in order. Unlike going through a real estate agent where there are often contingencies, buyers who buy homes at auction know they have to have their money in order before they bid. No buyer offers contingent upon if they sell their existing home, obtain financing, etc...  Many of our real estate sellers like this because it significantly increases their chances for a smooth sale that will make it through the closing process.

Please consider using us to sell your real estate when we sell your personal belongings.  We also do real estate auctions by themselves.

There are many ways to sell the contents of a home, farm or business. But it's hard to dispute the most effective and profitable way is by auction! When selling at a garage sale the seller has to set up the sale themselves. Then the seller often has to price haggle with perspective buyers.  Worse yet, when all is said and done sellers often retain 50% of the items they had up for sale. This method can be especially problematic when sellers need to sell the contents of an estate.  

When choosing the auction method you gain many benefits: 

1. Franklin County Estate & Auction Service will set up your auction completely.  This includes sorting, appraising, organizing, and proper placement of your merchandise for auction day. If you are looking to save money on setup, we can also guide you and your family on how to set up and organize the items to be sold. We provide the tables and display cases!

2. Franklin County Estate & Auction Service will properly advertise the auction to reach the largest audience of perspective buyers who are interested in your merchandise. 

3. Franklin County Estate & Auction Service will conduct your auction quickly and efficiently.

4.Buyers Come Prepared to Buy. Auction goers come with money in their wallets, pockets and hands and are prepared to come home with property. It’s a seller’s delight. For real estate auctions this is especially advantageous because buyers must qualify to buy through a deposit of a certified or cashier’s check.

5. We guarantee your merchandise will have a 90%+ sell through.  This means that on average you will sell over 90% of what is put up for sale. In many instances this number is close to 99%!  We also will be happy to offer options which ensure by the end of the day All merchandise is gone.

6. The Auction method ensures that you get the highest price for your merchandise possible! Auctions motivate buyers to perform. People get caught up in the competitiveness of the bidding and many times this drives the price of items higher. To some it’s like a game, and they want to win at all costs (or hopefully for you, at high costs!) And did you know that 9 times out of 10, an auction brings in the fair market value, if not more, for any item put across the auction block?

7. Auctions Work Well in Both Good and Bad Economic Times. 
People love auctions, because they love sales. Statistics show, in a good or bad economy auctions remain a steady force. When the economy is bad, the auction industry does not feel the impact: people still flock to auctions.


Franklin County Estate & Auction Service offers very competitive rates. 

Rates vary based on merchandise type. Rates for Real Estate, Machinery and vehicles are lower than general merchandise. Please email us or call to schedule a free consultation and rate quote!


Before you sign with any auction service, please allow us the opportunity to give you a free consultation and quote. Chances are we can offer you the lowest rate and overall cost!


Most all of our auction clients advance no money to make an auction happen. With very few exceptions, we front all of the costs to advertise, set up and conduct your auction. All expenses to be incurred are explained to you beforehand and then taken from the end proceeds of the auction.


Online Auctions are gaining in popularity! For some, it is the ideal solution to liquidating an estate or household. Recent events which have given some pause to have large in person gatherings have even further made online sales the perfect method. Our online auction team can quickly evaluate if your estate or household is a good candidate for an online auction.  If it is, we can handle everything from start to finish! Please contact us for additional information on the possibility of making your auction an online sale!

Estate/Household Buyout Option

Need Cash Immediately or don't want to deal with an auction?

Instant cash for your household or estate! 

Sometimes sellers find themselves in a position where they need to 'sell now!' or they just want to be 'done with it!' This is often the place some sellers find themselves when they are in the position of having to liquidate a relative's estate.  This time can often be difficult emotionally and financially.  Sometimes a situation calls for simply needing the cash now.  In this case we are happy to review the contents of the household or estate and make a cash offer. This puts money in your pocket now.  We still recommend to our clients that an auction is usually the way to go for an optimal return.  But if the need is immediate due to time of year, or not being able to get on the auction schedule in a timely manner, or whatever reason, we are here to help!  If a client accepts our offer for outright purchase we can have them paid and property removed, often in less than a week.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. 

Additional Services

Online Auctions. When a live auction is not the ideal solution for your needs, we are happy to use the online auction method. More and more, some sellers have opted for selling their home or estate in an online auction style. We are happy to offer this option to our clients.

Concession Services.  Auction goers get hungry!  To ensure continual attendance we work with many charitable organizations and concessionaires who regularly set up food services at our auctions. This is at no cost to our clients.


Restroom Services.  When restrooms are unavailable for any variety of reasons at the auction site, we ensure portable facilities are available on the day of sale. 


Appraisal Services.  When you are selling art, antiques and collectibles, and are unsure of their values, we are happy to offer general appraisals of merchandise to our auction clients so that they may be aware of the value and to ensure the best chances of high auction return.  We are also happy to perform appraisals for a flat fee to our non auction clients.  

Unsure if you have enough items in your estate or household to have an auction?

When you don't quite have enough for an on-site auction, we can still help!  We work in conjunction with a partner auction company who deals in smaller households and estates.  We can get your merchandise to their auction facility for fast liquidation!  Please feel free to inquire if you feel your household or estate may fall into this group.  We offer a free consultation!

Are you a charity in need of an Auctioneer?

Franklin County Estate & Auction Services is happy to help community charitable organizations with Free and discounted services to those who qualify.  It is important to us to offer assistance to many of the local charities which serve the community.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if your organization is in need of our service!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you!

-Katharine, Daniel and our whole auction family